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Brain Builders Tutoring

Quality tutoring in Colorado Springs and Monument offering in-person and virtual reading, subject, and group learning.

We Learn Together

Since opening our doors, over ten years ago now, we've been committed to providing a personalized, confidence-building approach to tutoring students. We want to team up with families to make learning a positive experience for everyone. 

Our mission at Brain Builders is simple: we offer a positive learning environment, where students are empowered to become lifelong learners, developing skills and strategies to maximize their individual potential.

Learning With an

Array of Tools

You can count on Brain Builders to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide above, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.



“Amanda is simply a stellar math teacher! Our son was at a 1 (failing grade) before Brain Builders. I had sent Amanda our last report card when our son's grade went from a 1 to a 2 in late winter/early spring, but to end the year at a 3 in math is crazy! I wanted to give her a shoutout because this progress, and Amanda, is seriously amazing. You told me she was great at not only math, but teaching math! The proof is here. He now looks forward to attending tutoring sessions and is growing in math. I am crying happy tears. THANK YOU!”



"My daughter was diagnosed with a challenging reading disorder (dyslexia). Brain Builders was one of the recommendations because of the type of tutoring they offer. I combed through all the research I could find and, after talking with Mrs.K and her team, we started tutoring three times per week. It has not always been easy, but without a doubt this has been the very best program and gift we could have given our daughter. She has a new found confidence, she has made great strides in testing, and she IS reading like never before. Thank you Brain Builders! You have truly changed my daughter’s life!"



"We absolutely love Joanna and I would highly recommend her if your child needs help in any of the reading/writing/grammar areas! She is a great communicator, patient, kind and very knowledgeable. She has really helped our son with reading, writing, grammar and comprehension skills. She holds him accountable in such a graceful way and has helped him to now LOVE reading!!! She is always building him up, encouraging both him and me as a parent in this learning journey which has been huge for us! We are so thankful for her! She is amazing and has been such a big blessing to our educational journey not only in tutoring sessions but she goes above and beyond and is an ally and advocate! She has helped me to communicate with his teacher in ways to strengthen his education and maximize tutoring sessions!"


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"My daughter missed the last part of her Kindergarten year due to COVID-19 and was extremely behind in reading. I contacted Brain Builders over the summer and we were able to start tutoring immediately with Mrs. Love. My daughter was able to attend bi-weekly virtual Zoom sessions and immediately started making progress. She just completed her last session and we are happy to report our daughter can now confidently read without assistance! We are forever grateful to this program and the flexibility it offered during this uncertain time. I highly recommend Brain Builders to parents seeking extra assistance for their children!"


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